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The group that OK Money belongs to is called DFC Global Group, a global and globally recognized company that increases confidence in the product, through its well-known reputation with more than 1000 offices, and its excellence in customer service. Another factor to take into account is the membership of AEMIP, which is one more weight in the balance of why we can trust them. They advocate clarity and transparency, which is appreciated. They also offer 3 different modalities to adapt to a wider range of clients: 1 payment, 2 payments, and up to 6 payments, increasing loan amounts in proportion to time.

Why should I use Okmoney?

  • Immediate response to the loan application, as soon as you do the application process through the web, you will know if the loan is granted or not.
  • The customer has the money quickly, without paperwork or hidden charges
  • Convenience to request 100% online loans, avoiding all the problems that traditional banks offered, such as queues, displacements or the need to return because documents are missing.
  • 30 years of financial experience with the AEMIP guarantee, which increases and reinforces the trust in Fintech companies.
  • Loans and microloans for what the client wants: student loans, trips, motorcycles, personal loans, projects, etc.
  • Process clean and clear, flexible and reliable.
  • Also available for Iphone and Android

What do I need to prove to obtain the loan?

What do I need to prove to obtain the loan?

  • To begin, you must have an age between 22 and 70 years at the time you are ready to apply for the credit.
  • You must also be a resident of Spanish territory.
  • Have a minimum monthly income of € 500 and be able to prove it, through a payroll, proof of rental income, unemployment benefit, etc.
  • Possess a National Identity Document or NIE, which in any case must be in force, in order to validate and identify you.
  • Have a personal mobile phone number in addition to an email address, to carry out the usual operations of communication, verification, validation, etc., necessary actions to request and receive the microloan.
  • Provide the debit card number to collect the loan
  • Not having another active loan in Ok Money
  • Not have entries in the delinquency register (ASNEF, EQUIFAX, EXPERIAN, RAI)

Loan details:

  • Micro-loans of € 100 to € 400 with return in one or two installments, if this is the first time you use Okmoney services.
  • Loans in installments of € 500 to € 1,000 with repayment up to 6 months, for users registered in successive loans.
  • Up to 3000 euros for customers with good credit history and successive loans, to return in places of between 3 and 6 months.
  • The commissions and APR will be variable, depending on the terms and amounts selected. These interest rates are calculated annually, therefore, the shorter the return period, the lower the interest rate will be implicit.
  • The loan is obtained in 48 hours

What should I do to repay the loan?

To perform this task, okmoney offers different alternatives that facilitate the user to complete the process, including the following:

  • For revenue at the CaixaBank or Santander windows
  • By means of a transfer, either through online payment or through a window, but always with the following details:
    • Add as recipient Rapido Finance (okmoney).
    • CaixaBank account number: ES24 2100 0600 8302 0294 6726, always indicating in the transfer concept your national identity document, followed by the loan number you have requested.

What should I do if I can not pay my fee on time?

What should I do if I can not pay my fee on time?

In case you can not pay on time, you must inform OKmoney as soon as you know, to reach an agreement on how to solve the problem. It is possible to extend the period of such return by one month, for which purpose you must notify before the end, and pay at least as a penalty, the cost of commissioning the first loan. You can make this extension even on 3 occasions, but keep in mind that if you can not make the payment, your data will become part of the collection agency Intrum Justice.

Other interesting details to keep in mind

Other interesting details to keep in mind

  • The website of okmoney, offers you a credit simulator, so you can know at all times what are the numbers that complete the amount of the transaction, and always be your decision without surprises accept these terms.
  • You can not have more than one active credit with them. If you need another you must wait to have made the relevant payments and have paid off the debt.


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