Loan Rent

Developed exclusively to finance the income statement, either totally or partially, therefore, for that specific purpose, an amount of money is offered from a minimum of 300 euros up to a maximum limit of 1,000 euros.

The operation has a fixed interest rate of 5%, during the entire agreed period, therefore, the advantage is that the applicant will know previously how much will be paid each month as a loan installment.

For its part, a period of time is foreseen for the cancellation of the product not exceeding 9 months.

In this way, in order to the frequency of payment, the fees will be fixed and monthly.

To access its formalization is essential to be a client of the entity, holder of a payroll account with an age from a minimum of 3 months, also, it is required to be a resident in the Community of Madrid.

Although, it is exempted from the commissions related to amortization or early cancellation and via feasibility study, it will be necessary to face an extra cost for the opening commission equivalent to 3% of the requested capital.

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