Newly Launched Dallas Fashion Company Wants to Create New Customer Experience for Luxury Retail Shoppers ”Dallas Breaks New Ground


According to Olivia Steele and Emily Leavitt, when a customer walks into a luxury brick and mortar store, a positive experience often needs to be created by associates in order to generate a sale.

For Steele and Leavitt, who are sisters, the in-store experience is often the driving force behind high sales in the luxury market. In fact, they say that on average only 10-20% of luxury brand sales are made online. Most brands attribute this to the challenge of maintaining customer relationship and brand consistency.

That’s why Steele, former head of online enrollment counseling at eCornell, and Leavitt, assistant professor of entrepreneurship at Dallas College, decided to launch Conversation Couture, a new Dallas-based company that aims to drive luxury sales. additional online, without sacrificing the customer. – In-person connection from the Retail Associate.

Conversation Couture helps create a seamless and personalized online customer experience that is believed to reflect the feeling of shopping in stores. By using a new e-commerce sales channel for the luxury market, Steele and Leavitt claim they are able to help increase sales without sacrificing quality of service.

“Stores need to develop tools to engage high-end customers in online experiences,” said Steele, president and chief executive officer, and Leavitt, chief operating officer and chief financial officer. “This will not only benefit increased sales, but will ensure that the luxury brand remains relevant in the e-commerce space.”

The entrepreneurial duo also offers a training solution for existing salespeople and managers. They say it will allow employees to drive more sales as part of a virtual shopping experience, while also driving customer loyalty.

“By creating a similar relationship online, the seller is able to cultivate and retain that customer for future sales,” says Steele. The sisters plan to launch their online learning center in February 2021.

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